Cleaning & Maintenance Tips
Sweep, dust mop or vacuum your hardwood floor daily to remove loose dirt and grit before it can scratch the surface of your floor.
Thoroughly clean your kitchen hardwood floor twice as often as other areas of your house.
Never clean your hardwood floors with water. Never use products such as soaps, detergents and oil soaps to clean your hardwood floor. Never use wax or any chemical on the floor.
Place area rugs or mats at doorways and in front of the kitchen sink to help catch dirt, grit and water. Never use rubber or plastic backed as it may damage your wood floor. Solid cotton is highly recommend.
Never use sheet vinyl or tile floor care products for hardwood floor cleaning.
Pick up furniture when moving across a room to avoid causing damage to the hardwood floors.
Fabric protectors are a must for all furniture legs. This will help prevent scratching and dents in all hardwood floors.
Try to keep potted plants off of your wood floor. This will prevent condensation build up which can damage your floor.
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