Installation is done when you are replacing a rugged floor or is covering over existing flooring to get a new look.
Restorations / Repairs
Repair of bad wood or patch up of missing boards on an existing floor or to continue hardflooring into an additional room to match the existing or with a new wooden flooring.
Refinishing is a process of refreshing an old or worn out floor due to normal wear and tear by recoating it with a new finish.
Sanding alone is normally done when you would like the existing finish to be removed. An example of when you may want a sanding only service is when you would like to put down deck stain or repaint your outdoor deck or porch.
Staining is a the process of changing the "color" of the hardwood floor. This is usually done when you would like to blend in a recent repair or to change the look of your floor.

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